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          Waste Incineration Power Plant

          4MW - 30MW Professional Waste Incineration Power Plant

          Product Details:

          Place of Origin:

          MADE IN CHINA

          Brand Name:



          BV ASME

          Model Number:


          Designing standard:


           Payment & Shipping Terms:

          Minimum Order Quantity:




          Packaging Details:


          Delivery Time:

          Depend on the scale of power plant

          Payment Terms:

          Irrevocable L/C at sight

          Supply Ability:

          depend on the designing capacity



          Biomass Power Plant


          Plants And Animals

          Power System:

          PPG / CHP / CCHP

          Electrical Output Range:

          15 - 60 MW


          Renewable Energy Power Plants



          4MW - 30MW Professional Waste Incineration Power Plant Environmentally Friendly

          1.  Biomass consists of organic residues from plants and animals which are obtained primarily from harvesting and processing of agricultural and forestry crops. Biomass are wastes and by-products that could be utilized as fuels for producing energy, instead of becoming landfill waste

          2. Biomass residues that are utilized in direct combustion power plants are: forest slash, urban wood waste, lumber waste, agricultural wastes, etc

          3. Biomass Power systems can be engineered to produce Pure Power Generation (PPG), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP).

          4. Biomass power plant advantage and principal characteristics:

          Electrical output ranging from 15 to 60 MW

          High electrical and overall efficiency

          Flexible utilisation of local renewable energy resources for both heat and power production

          Operation on a wide range of fuels such as straw, wood, short rotation energy crops ,bagasse or other organic material

          Output maintained over many years with minimal degradation

          Flue gas cleaned according to the most stringent EU or local standards

          Plant optimised to specific local conditions, delivering best value for money

          High level of availability and reliability

          Fast-track project implementation.