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          Waste Incineration Power Plant

          500KW - 4MW Landfill Gas Power Plant , Renewable Energy Sources Electric Plant

          Product Details:

          Place of Origin:

          MADE IN CHINA


          BV ASME

          Payment & Shipping Terms:

          Minimum Order Quantity:




          Packaging Details:


          Delivery Time:

          Depend on the scale of power plant

          Payment Terms:

          Irrevocable L/C at sight

          Supply Ability:

          Negotiated on the site



          Landfill Gas Power Plants

          Output Energy:


          Waste Material:

          Food Waste, Non-recyclable Paper, Diapers


          Renewable Energy Power Plants


          Biogas Power Plant



          500KW - 4MW Landfill Gas Power Plant , Renewable Energy Sources Electric Plant

          1. Landfill gas power plant explanation flow chart 

          Organic waste material (food waste, non-recyclable paper, diapers, etc.) is placed in the landfill and covered with a layer of topsoil. Anaerobic decomposition of the organic material produces biogas. Biogas is approximately 50% methane.

          Biogas flows into perforated pipes inserted into the landfill. Each pipe is connected to the biogas collection system.

          A blower aids in extracting the biogas from the landfill.

          The biogas is treated to remove water and contaminants that could harm power-generation engines.

          Power-generation engines use the biogas as a fuel to turn electrical generators.

          The electrical power from the generators is monitored and conditioned before being placed on the electrical power distribution system.Renewable energy is transported to power users through the existing electrical power distribution system.

          Renewable energy is seamlessly available to electric power consumers. Power consumers also generate waste organic material that is eventually  transported to the landfill to complete the cycle of renewable energy production.